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2020 Gypsy - Baron

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The Box Bunch (Tia x Will)
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 (Turo x Pepper)
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The Surprise Delivery ( Pepper x Cabot)
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The Black Bunch (Tia x Cabot)
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Dynamic Duo (Tia x Cabot)

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Magnificent Seven (Tessa x Cabot)
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Click here for the June 6th, 2013  litter
Lone Ranger and Tonto (Britta x Cabot)

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The Six Pack (Topsy x Cabot)
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Britta x Cabot and Topsy x Cabot
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Topsy x Jayce
Click here for the 2018 Litter (Mar 17, 2018
Magic x Parker

Gypsy and Baron had 7 puppies December 19th
2 Black Males, 3 Black Females & 2 Yellow Males

There is a waiting list 
Click here for the 2019 Litter Feb 19, 2019)
 Cabot x Topsy
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Kenna x Toby
Click here for 2019 Litter August 4, 2019
Kenna x Tony
DOB: June 25, 2016
Bred by Dorothy Havrelock (Beaumark Labs) and Len Bowby

Sire: MBISS Am/Can GrCh Waifin's Fly Cabot to Torngat
Dam: Beaumark's Rambling Rose

Clearances:  CHIC
OFA Hips - Good July 2018
OFA Elbows - Normal July 2018
EIC - Clear - Mar 12, 2018
PRA - Clear - Mar 12, 2018
Hidden Colour Yellow - Mar 12, 2018
D Locus - Mar 12, 2018

Baron is being loved and living with the McLeod-Horsburgh family who have all the patience in the world throwing his balls for him.

DOB: Mar 17, 2018
​Bred by Torngat Labradors CKC Perm Reg/ Eagertrieve Labradors.

Sire: Ch Eagertrieve Excalibur

​Dam: Ch. Eagertrieve's Black Magic

OFA Hips - Excellent Oct 2020
OFA Elbows -  Normal Oct 2020
EIC - Clear Oct 2020
PRA - Clear Oct 2020
CNM -: Clear Oct  2020
D Locus - Oct June 2020
B Locus - Black carrying Chocolate Oct 2020
Eyes: -Jan 2021

Gypsy is loved and living with Belinda Kjartanson who has trained her to be an AKC titled Trick Dog
Click her for the 2020 Litter Apr 4, 2020
 The COVID Litter
 Baron x Kenna 
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December 19th - Gypsy and Baron - 7 puppies