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The Fireplace Gang - 
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The Couch Potatoes -  
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The Box Bunch (Tia x Will)
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The Box Bunch (Turo x Pepper)
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The Surprise Delivery ( Pepper x Cabot)
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The Black Bunch (Tia x Cabot)
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Dynamic Duo (Tia x Cabot)
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Magnificent Seven (Tessa x Cabot)
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Lone Ranger and Tonto (Britta x Cabot)

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The Six Pack (Topsy x Cabot)
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Britta x Cabot and Topsy x Cabot
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Topsy x Jayce
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Magic x Parker

Baron x Kenna
litter of 9 puppies arrived April 4th
6 yellow males and 3 black females

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 Cabot x Topsy
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Kenna x Toby
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Kenna x Tony
DOB: June 25, 2016
Bred by Dorothy Havrelock (Beaumark) and Len Bowby

Sire: MBISS Am/Can GrCh Waifin's Fly Cabot to Torngat
Dam: Beaumark's Rambling Rose

OFA Hips - Good July 2018
OFA Elbows - Normal July 2018
EIC - Clear - Mar 12, 2018
PRA - Clear - Mar 12, 2018
Hidden Colour Yellow - Mar 12, 2018
D Locus - Mar 12, 2018

Baron is being loved and living with the McLeod-Horsburgh family who have all the patience in the world throwing his balls for him.

DOB: Nov 18, 2013
​Bred by Torngat Labradors

Sire: MBISS Am/Can Grand Ch. Waifin's Fly Cabot to Torngat - Cabot

​Dam: Ch. Tormentil's Topsail at Torngat - Topsy

OFA Hips - Fair Nov 2013
Elbows - Normal Nov 2013
EIC - Clear June 2016
PRA - Clear June 2016
Hidden Colour - Yellow June 2016
D Locus - Clear June 2016

Kenna is owned and loved by Moira Thom: Evenmist Labradors
Pedigree for this litter
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Kenna x Baron