We were founded in 1973 by Doug and Linda Gabel, as a training facility for race horses. In 1979, we began breeding show quality Tennessee Walking Horses, and we added Kentucky Mountain and Arabian breeds in 1984. 

Both Doug and Linda are certified breeders. We are licensed by the State of California. Please contact us with questions about any aspect of our business. We’re always happy to hear from fellow horse lovers.

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Kenna and Tony's Litter
August 4, 2019
born at SAVE during the AKC Summer Classic Dog Show..
Blue - Mac, Gray - Tarah, Green Jillian, Red Maecyn, Brown - Addie, Orange - Charlie, Pink - Finley, Yellow - Hudson

Torngat’s Mackinsons
Torngat’s Tarah
Torngat’s Jillian
Torngat’s Make My Heart Fly
Torngat’s Labrador Sea
Torngat Cabot’s Maritime Charlie
Torngat’s Real Men Wear Pink
Torngat Evenmist Henry Hudson