Chamois (Milton 2nd)
August 4, 1996 - November 13, 2009
13 years 3 months

    Our dear Chamois was one of most beautiful puppies that you might ever see and he grew into a beautiful adult dog.  Raised with love and cuddles, he didn't have a mean bone in his body.  As a  young dog he had boundless energy.  His favourite game was to steal a sock and have the entire house try to head him off to capture it.  He would retrieve forever needing just a pat on the head or a 'good boy' as praise.  The favourite command that anyone beside Ed could get him to do was 'Cuddle' which isn't in any obedience training book but when we were all bunched together watching a movie - that's how he found his place amongst us.  Show rings were much too tame and boring for his nature and even though he took Best of Breed and had a Group placement to his credit - he acquired 9 points before we realized this.  Chamois and Pepper together had 5 litters of the most beautiful puppies.   Chamois was such a kind soul that when Pepper was pregnant with his babies he would save his cookies and let her have them when she had finished hers.  Health wise Chamois had only numerous ear infections as a young dog and by the time he was 12 years old, he was hearing impaired but could still manage to know if you were near the cookie jar.  The sclera on his eyes thickened with age but he would always wag his tail to greet you.  Latterly he just wanted to sleep.  He was a tired old dog who never troubled anyone and was content just being part of the family. 
Chamois and Pepper were the foundation for Torngat Labradors.

Dear Friends travel the path of life with us for only a while,
but they leave impressions long after they are gone.

Good friends stay forever in our hearts.

Chamois ( pronounced - Shammie)

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Ch. Wiscoys Pure Black Pepper

August 13, 1998 - December 2012
14 years 4 months

     Pepper came into our lives on Canadian Thanksgiving 14 years ago as a 12 pound little black furry bundle – who knew she would become the matriarch of Torngat Labradors.  We had flown from St. John’s Newfoundland to Toronto, rented a car and drove to Eden, New York to meet with Jill Ickowski and Pepper. 
As we turned into Jill’s driveway Pepper’s father Vance (Wiscoy’s Cash Advance) had just destroyed Jill’s umbrella and was literally in the doghouse.  Jill introduced us to the whole litter and we picked out Pepper from about 7 females.  Pepper’s mother Sky (Wiscoy’s Skys T’limit) was just a gorgeous Labrador and a perfect Mommy.  When we left with Pepper we had no way of knowing that our lives would change forever.  B
ack in St. John’s – Pepper charmed all she met.  She easily wiggled into everyone’s heart.
Slipping on ice at 7 months of age she tore her cruciate ligament and had a very successful surgical repair. 
She dearly loved Chamois.  These two went on to have several litters after we moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2000.  She was a wonderful attentive mother but remained the ultimate feminist, hated water and would never dare to swim.  Fetching just wasn’t her thing either – she’d bring back a ball twice and if you threw it again you could fetch it yourself.  In her lifetime she stole every sweet off the kitchen counter – for her stomach ruled her.
She only damaged one thing – Ed’s prized ball glove became lunch one day much to his dismay.  Pepper never had a complaint about life as long as the bowl was full when her stomach clock alarmed. 
She bossed everyone around and dominated the youngsters even training Toffee the cat. 
As the years mounted she became less active and slowly her hearing and sight diminished.  She aged gracefully without much arthritis and just wanted her pillow near the fireplace. 
Latterly she only wanted to sleep – deeper and longer.
It became harder for her to get around and it was no longer fun we helped her go over the Rainbow Bridge.