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2021 TORNGAT Labradors - Puppy Reservation Application Form
To Reserve a TORNGAT PUPPY  
Submit completed detailed request form by hitting the 'SUBMIT' button below.  
(Your privacy is a great concern to us and will be protected.  Your information will not be shared without your consent.)
We make an effort to satisfy all requests, however nature doesn't always co-operate with our list and you may be offered a different colour or sex of Labrador or the option of waiting for the next litter.  You will be advised when we have a puppy available for you.
Personal Details:
Name (s):
Complete Mailing Address:
Country/Postal or Zip Code
Phone Numbers:
Email Address:
Reason for Labrador Ownership?
Have you owned a Labrador before?
Are their children in your home?
If you have children - what are their ages and are they used to dogs?
Lifestyle:  We ask this question because we try to match a puppy to a person/family.  Some households are very busy and would expect a dog to fit in with morning and evening walks/jogs and travel to cottages on weekends  -  some just want  a companion.to be at home waiting for a daily walk.  Tell us a little about your expectations living with a Labrador.  Why do you want a Labrador? 
What is/are your Occupation(s)?
Home - If you lease or rent your property do you have your landlord's consent to own a dog?
How did you know about Torngat Labradors?
Young puppies need someone to feed them at noon and let them out for the first few months after they go home.  Will there be a caregiver available for this?
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How long have you lived at your present address?
What age Labrador are you looking for?
Are you willing to train this dog by attending obedience/conformation classes?
Would you be interested in being part of our breeding program?
Torngat puppies sell at $2500.00.  A Puppy can be reserved with a deposit of $500.00..once the litter is born with the remainder due when puppy goes home.    Although we try we cannot always give you the colour or sex that you specify we do try and comply with a family's wishes.  
Torngat Puppies sell on a CKC non-breeding registration.
Puppies go home at approx 8 weeks of age, are micro-chipped, have a veterinary health clearance, 1st shots,   etc.  
As part of registration the Canadian Kennel Club offers new Canadian owners a free trail of insurance for 6 weeks through a partnership company - you are under no obligation to buy this insurance.

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Is the yard fenced?
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