We were founded in 1973 by Doug and Linda Gabel, as a training facility for race horses. In 1979, we began breeding show quality Tennessee Walking Horses, and we added Kentucky Mountain and Arabian breeds in 1984. 

Both Doug and Linda are certified breeders. We are licensed by the State of California. Please contact us with questions about any aspect of our business. We’re always happy to hear from fellow horse lovers.

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Apr 5, 2020 Kenna x Baron - The COVID  Litter
GRCh Torngat Evenmist Kenna's Fire x Ch. Beaumark's Baron Of Torngat litt

6 Yellow Males and 3 Black Females
Pink      Luna                  Torngat's Moonlight Debut
Yellow   Winnifred           Torngat’s Ciara Winnifred O’Loch
Brown   Scout                 Torngat’s Star Sailor
OrangeSkoki                  Torngat’s Smokie Skoki
Red       Auri                    Torngat’s Onyx Sunshine
Green   Begbie               Torngat’s Spot On Begbie
Purple  Jack                   Torngat’s Captain Jack Sparrow
Blue     Storm                 Torngat’s Thunder Storm
Red     Ollie                    Torngat’s Oliver Twist Of Fate