TORNGAT Labradors....2005 Litter
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Torngat's Kelly Green Girl Wild loved by Deborah and Robbie
Torngat's Mossy Briar Rose
adored by Jim Hutchins and Janet Miller
Torngat's Gunnar Holloway loved by Torie, Bruce, Brauson and Dylan
Torngat's Timothy Toulouse
Torngat Labs
Then - 7 weeks
Torngat Labs
Torngat's Abigail of Kent loved by Steve Campbell
^ 7 weeks                                                                      ^ 7 months
Torngat's Gus of Beaumark
Co owned by Dorothy Havrelock, Melanie & Jason Sorenson
^ 7 weeks                                                                      ^ 8 months
Torngat's HRH Ebony of Beaumark
owner Dee Doige
^ 7 weeks                                                                      ^ 6 months
Toulouse (Y), Gunnar (B), Kelly (Y), Briar (B), Abby (Y), Tangee (B), Gus (Y)
^ ^ 7 weeks                                                                                                                     ^ ^ 6 months